Tavatar Color / Texture HUD Kit

I updated my Color HUD Kit with texture, alpha, glow, shiny, fullbright, and alpha mode support. I also moved it’s documentation onto this website, since it had gotten too big

If you are upgrading a color hud from 1.0, please follow these instructions:

  1. Delete all scripts from the hud
  2. Add the script “AH Colors Sliders Widgets 3.9.2”
  3. Add the script “AH Color Buttons 3.9.6”
  4. If you have any text buttons, add the script “AH Color Text Button 1.2”
  5. Unlink the “Color Picker” prim from the hud and delete it
  6. Rez the Template hud, and move it’s Color Picker prim onto your hud, and link it
  7. If you want to add texture changing, delete the Slave script in each object, and insert the script “AH Color Slave 3.9.6”. Otherwise, you can leave the slave scripts alone; color, glow, shiny, and full bright work fine with the old slave script